Thinking About Running for Taxing District Office? OICF to hold workshop

Wednesday, January 10, 3 – 5 p.m.

– from Kate Long for OICF —

The Orcas Island Community Foundation (OICF) presents a workshop facilitated by Debra Wiggs geared toward current members or potential members of public taxing districts (School, Port, Parks & Rec, Library, Hospital) to be held from 3-5 p.m. on January 10, 2018. To register contact OICF (360-376-6423 or

The agenda for this workshop includes:

  • Overview of the role of WA state junior taxing districts in a community setting
  • Discussion of the role of a commissioner
  • Running for office
  • Focus on the role
  • Working within the confines of the RCW
  • Open Public Meetings Act
  • Public Records Act
  • Budgets, staffing, commission compensation, etc.

About the presenter:
Debra Wiggs has been transforming medical care delivery since her career began. She’s established rural health clinics, grown multi-specialty physician practices and facilitated countless strategy sessions that have helped clients achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. Deb’s great love is to pass this knowledge along via public speaking with humor, practical reality and a commitment to provide resources that transform how care is delivered. As a past board chair of the Medical Group Management Association, she understands the complexity of the healthcare system and knows how to work in it without making it more complicated. Her strengths lie in strategic planning, governance, and leadership coaching. She has been serving for the past 8 months as the interim superintendent for the newly formed Lopez Island Hospital District.

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Thinking About Running for Taxing District Office? OICF to hold workshop — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you to OICF for doing this! If a public hospital district is passed in April, the Commissioners we elect will face very important decisions. It will be critical that voters know where the candidates stand on various issues. Voters should elect trustworthy candidates, who reflect what they would want to see happen with PHD funds. This workshop will prepare more citizen leaders to step forward and communicate their commitment. The Coalition for Orcas Healthcare also is holding two public forums in February and March, where candidates will be able to say where they stand and also answer questions from the voters. See: or on Face Book @OrcasCOHC

  2. Let us remember that Orcas has a long and notable history of governance through adept finagling of the letter-of-the-law while violating integrity of policy and mission.

    The so-called Open Meetings Act is old hat for Orcas governance.

    This is called “Policy Capture.” You pass the test but fail the ethics.

    It will not be enough to once again do what we have always done: this is the definition of dysfunction.. doing the same thing with a new name and hoping for different results.

    Once again I invite the “Coalition” to open a new rule book as provided by the OECD*, and provide reassurances previously lacking in the lead-up to creating a Hospital tax District here. I would expect the Coalition and all prospective Commissioners to be conversant with the not the details but the concepts presented by this international body representing the concerns of leading Democracies including our own.

    Without measures to protect governance integrity, local historical patterns take over. This document is 99 pages long. It represents exactly the kind of considerations required not only of a commissioner but of the public commissioning them. Boomers this means you, put on your reading glasses. old age is not what it used to be.

    A two hour sitdown to run through the “RCW’s” does not begin to brush the surface of what is required to rectify Orcas healthcare.

    * Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

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