Tuesday the Day to Enter Your Exhibit into Fair

— from San Juan County Fair Staff —

Have you been working on a piece of art, that perfect pie, or raising some beautiful animals? Share them with your fellow islanders by entering in the Fair! Exhibit Entry Day is this coming Tuesday, August 15 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the Fairgrounds. Entry information is available online at www.sjcfair.org or in the reference Premium Book copies provided at your local island library (Shaw, it’s at the Community Center!).

Each exhibitor must include one entry form per entry division (multiple entries for instance, multiple baked goods on one sheet for baking division) and one tag per exhibit item. Flowers, Fruits, and Veggies have green tags, all other departments, beige tags. Tags can be obtained at the libraries or on site at the Fairgrounds from now until entry day (limited weekend hours).

If you plan to bring an animal, please check-in at the respective animal barn at the Fairgrounds on entry day and wait for vet check before unloading your animal in a Fair stall. Interested in riding your horse? Please contact the Fair office immediately at 360-378-4310.

Have a question about entering an exhibit? Visit the Fair’s website and see the helpful “How to Enter at the Fair” page here.

See you on Entry Day!

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