Upcoming Eastsound income survey required for County to apply for block grants

Randomly selected households will participate

— from San Juan County Communications —

The County is surveying Eastsound households in May to determine the median income.  This survey data is required for the County to apply for Community Development General Purpose Block Grants administered by Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  This grant program can bring Federal and State tax dollars to Eastsound to help pay for planning or construction of public infrastructure, community facilities, affordable housing, and economic development projects.

Madrona Voices, an Orcas Island corporation, has been engaged to conduct the State approved survey in May for randomly selected households.  The survey is short, only three questions, and the information will be kept confidential.  The income survey is supported by Eastsound Plan Review Committee, Eastsound Water Users Association and OPAL.  

If your household is selected please participate in the survey to allow your tax dollars to be used in Eastsound.

If you have questions about the grant program or the income survey; contact the County at pubwks@sanjuanco.com or 360-370-0500.

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B. Sadie Bailey

I would love to see this survey be a full survey and not just hit random households, for that will give a false sense of median income. Most surveys go to property owners – and if they rent their properties, the renters who pay the rent should be surveyed. There are a lot of nuances to “median income” from low to very high. How will we get an accurate reading on this if we just do a small random sampling?