Village Green now has free internet from Rock Island

Vendors and visitors can access fiber-backed wi-fi during Farmers Market

— from Dan Burke for Rock Island Communications —

Rock Island Communications, the only provider of fiber-optic broadband in San Juan County, announced last week that high-speed wireless internet is now accessible on the Orcas Island Village Green at no cost to users at Saturday’s Farmers Market.

“Thanks to Dona Wuthnow, Parks & Fair Director for San Juan County, and County Councilman Rick Hughes, we were able to make this dream a reality,” said Dan Burke, SVP of Marketing and Support for the company. “Rock Island has installed a fiber-backed Wi-Fi internet service that will support up to 1,000 simultaneous users with 30 Mbps downloads or grater! This is a stadium-grade system that will empower both sellers and visitors to share their experiences, conduct commerce and connect with our local vendors socially. Gone are the days of poor connectivity at the Saturday market.”

Just select the SSID named, “Access Rock Island” on your device and you will automatically be connected to Rock Island’s Wi-Fi network. There is no password required. Wi-Fi access is totally free to those who want to connect to it during the Saturday market.

The fiber-fed “Access Rock Island” Wi-Fi network is also available at the Friday Harbor, Orcas, Shaw and Lopez ferry landings as a community service to locals and visitors alike, as well as additional strategic areas around the county.

Groups and individuals can learn more about getting connected to Rock Island’s fiber or Fixed Wireless services online at

About Rock Island Communications

Rock Island Communications is a nationally-recognized provider of fiber-optic and fixed wireless internet services to homes and businesses in San Juan County. They are a wholly-owned subsidiary of Orcas Power & Light Cooperative. For more information, visit

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Luther Bliss

“Free” WiFi!? Great, except we’ve been subsidizing RI costs through our OPALCO rate increases, so the term “free” is relative. But I feel better knowing that although my electric bill has gone up 58% since this RI fiasco was rammed down our throats, tourists will not have to deal with the brutal disappointment of slower than expected internet speeds…

joseph murphy

Slower rhythms means clearer thinking. But you’re correct Luther, “free” is an increasingly relative term.

Rick Boucher

Great news. There has been WIFI provided by Orcas Online the last two summers and through the winter. Just say’n.

Donna Riordan

This is news? Nice press release for Rock Island Communications, brought to you by OPALCO customers.