Immigration Rights Group Drafts Resolution for San Juan County

— from Orcas Women’s Coalition —

In line with the recommendations of Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s Guidance Concerning Immigration Enforcement, the Immigration Rights Group, a sub-group of the Orcas Women’s Coalition (OWC), has drafted a resolution which provides guidance for San Juan County personnel regarding the gathering and distribution of immigration information and County personnel’s’ interaction with immigration authorities. The resolution details that, except where this resolution conflicts with state and federal law:

  • County personnel will not ask about immigration, status, nationality or place of birth.
  • County Sheriff and its officers will not be deputized to perform ICE functions.
  • County personnel will not ask for documents to ascertain immigration status (ex. passports, alien registration cards, birth certificates, work permits).
  • County personnel shall not provide ICE or Customs and Border Patrol access to an individual in county custody or to use county facilities, to question an individual, if the sole purpose is enforcement of federal immigration law.

The resolution has been placed in the Orcas Library for public viewing and consideration, and is viewable here on Orcas Issues, as well.

This resolution must be passed by the County Council. If, after having read the Resolution, you wish to contact the County Councilmen, their addresses follow:

Rick Hughes
Phone: 360-298-5103

Bill Watson
Phone: 360-370-7473

Jamie Stephens
Phone: 360-378-2898

Orcas Issues will inform you of Council Meetings at which your opinion may be heard and at which the County Council will consider and/or vote upon this measure.


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Immigration Rights Group Drafts Resolution for San Juan County — 9 Comments

  1. The people of the Immigration Rights Group of OWC are to be applauded for their efforts in making sure that immigrants are treated with the same dignity and protections as other Americans. The women on this committee got out in front of this issue early on, and they have been working persistently on it for more than 4 months. Kudos to them for their efforts, and I urge our County Councilors to follow their lead and pass the resolution.
    David Turnoy

  2. It’s great that the IRG has put forward this draft resolution. Attorney General Bob Ferguson has been leading the way nationally to resist the Trump administration’s campaign against immigrant rights. In the last two weeks he has urged counties and municipalities to get involved and refuse to be conscripted into ICE’s efforts to deprive residents of their civil rights. I urge all Islanders to support the resolution and the encourage others to do the same.

  3. So let me get this straight, say one of our Deputy’s is out doing their job and is investigating a crime (which if need be requires a wants/warrants check) and the person has a Federal arrest warrant or an ICE Detainer for a violent crime. You want your local law enforcement to just look the other way? What about the safety and interests of the residents of San Juan County? What if someone you loved was severely injured and the culprit already had an arrest warrant for violent crimes elsewhere? Pretty sure you to would want justice. Its easy to be compassionate when the policies you’re clamoring for don’t directly affect you. I’m not saying I support Trump’s immigration plan but our system needs a fix and the corrupt political leaders of the past continue to turn a blind eye. Sure hope you all don’t have a family member severally injured or worse killed by a wanted felon.

  4. Its interesting to me that a community organization such as OWC that is supposed to advocate for the betterment of said community would propose obstruction of Federal Law Enforcement. I fail to see how creating a haven for people that have broken Federal law and are here illegally could serve the interests of the citizens of San Juan County.

    The fact of the matter is that most pushing this type of “sanctuary city talk” aren’t the ones that will have to deal with the driving down of wages through cheap labor, the cultivation of crime and gang activity, and the strain on social safety nets and school systems. The people advocating this are mostly wealthy established and older. It is nothing more than virtue signaling at the expense of the underclass. Its trendy leftist rhetoric and you people don’t care who you hurt just as long as you feel good about yourselves and appear compassionate.

  5. As a Latina 1st generation American who has seen people deported, I can say that some acts are a little too late. I appreciate that the OWC has brought this issue out. I would like to know how many Hispanics are on this caucus? Do you know the true nature of the fear many undocumented feel right now?

    To the naysayers who insist that “illegals” are bringing wages down or the gangs will over run our community, crime rises because of “illegals” you are regurgitating racist dog whistles from our “inclusive” right wing party. Have you ever lived in a mostly Hispanic community? Please don’t tell me that “oh I have a couple of Hispanic friends so I can’t be racist” umm yes you can and you are! I’ve seen and lived with racists attitudes, many “good” Americans have yelled at myself and my mom for speaking Spanish in public and the always lovely “go back to Mexico”, we aren’t all Mexicans, I happen to be Argentine. Everyone worries about crime, a large minority community does not equate to higher crime, have we checked our local paper? Has there been an increase because of those whom happen to be undocumented?? I’ve been a victim of crime, ages ago, by a white guy, should I then say all white people are harmful?? I never had the luxury of living while white but I’ve had the experience of being pulled over for driving while Hispanic and with my black friends. Can you say the same???

    I support this resolution, if an undocumented woman is raped, her first thought isn’t call the cops, it’s what would happen if the police find I’m undocumented (illegal is not a noun) we saw that in Texas, she was detained when she went to court to file for a protection order, can you imagine that fear? My parents had the dream to immigrate to the USA , we were lucky, many millions more did not have the resources to go through the lengthy process of immigration. Their choice is live in fear and poverty or take a huge leap of faith and cross hundreds of miles to try and come to America. Isn’t that how this nation started? Why can’t we all just get along?

  6. This resolution does not try to stop arrests for commission of Federal or state crimes. It is only attempting to prevent our officers … who are people with good hearts and mind and who keep our island communities safe …. from getting caught up in civil matters which the federal government is trying to enforce.

    No, we also want to keep our community safe, so that everyone can report a crime without fear, so that everyone is ruled by the same governing principles and laws.

    You mentioned gangs. Where are the gangs in the San Juans? Your question sounds a little formulaic. I do not believe that we have “gangs” here. Or serious violent crime. Maybe I simply need more education.